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Melanin Magic Scar Therapy Starter Kit
Melanin Magic Scar Therapy Starter Kit

Melanin Magic Scar Therapy Starter Kit

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Do you have marks from acne? Hyper Pigmentation? The Sun? 

If YES! was the answer to any of this, then this kit is for you! 

Designed using powerful natural ingredients to help brighten while fading out darks spots and uneven complexion. This starter kit is designed to optimize results by getting you started with the entire system! 

Included in the kit: 

Scar Therapy Cleanser - made with Sepi White Powder and Kojic Acid which are natural brightening and lightening agents to assist in fading scars. 60 ml

Rejuvenate  2 in 1 Toner - Our Rejuvenate Toner is fantastic, it cleanses, tightens the pores and moisturizes all at the same time. It's made with Witch Hazel, Sweet Almond oil and Grapefruit which is great for brightening the complexion. (It's also great for setting makeup, Hello Dual Purpose!) 30 ml

Scar Therapy Advanced Face Cream - Our Scar Therapy Advanced Cream is great for hyper pigmented skin and repairing UV ray damage. Made with 4% Kojic Dipalmitate, Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid this face restores, hydrates and fades dark spots and uneven complexion. 5 g 

Vitamin C Face Mask - Mix 1 tsp of  this unique powder blend featuring Orange Root Powder, Niacinamide and Vitamin C powder with 1 tsp of honey, and 1/2 tsp with water or natural yogurt to create the perfect exfoliating face mask. Be prepared for glowing skin perfect for a night out! (Use this 1-2 times a week) 30 g 

Rejuvenate Face Serum - Our Signature Brightening Serum is a complex blend with a bevy of oils that brighten dull skin. This serum features Abyssinian, Vitamin C and Citrus Extracts. We recommend using this one at night. Please be sure to always wear sunscreen during the duration of using this product. 5 ml 

Melanin Magic Advanced Scar Therapy Serum - is THE SERUM for anyone who gets a blemish and has a scar once the blemish disappears. Formulated with 4% Kojic Acid Dipalmitate, Rose Hip Seed, and Carrot Seed Oil. We love this serum as it a more powerful formula which can have quicker results when fighting against scars. We recommend using this as a spot treatment, twice daily until the scar fades. 3 ml 

Scar Therapy Serum - Our Original Scar Repair serum has been newly improved and now features even more amazing oils then ever before. It is a great formula to use on a consistent basis. Formulated with Rosehip, Tamanu, Emu Oil, & Black Cumin Seed to just name a few. We recommend using this one daily in the morning. 3 ml 

Loofah- This face loofah expands when wet and is amazing to use while cleansing, you will wonder how you ever washed your face without it! 

French Vanilla Lip Balm - Finish off your routine with this kick-ass lip balm made with Shea Butter, Pumpkin Butter, Coconut Oil, Beeswax and Vitamin E for super soft lips. 

As this kit contains many citric acids, we recommend using a minimum of SPF 30 while using this kit to protect the skin and prevent hyper pigmentation and UV Ray Damage.